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They carried her screaming and squirming across the yard. The mob crowded into the Johnson back yard and circled around the men holding the struggling woman.

Bozo and Cloyd stood her on her feet and held her firmly by the arms. For a minute she stood facing Ruth, towering ominously over her while Ruth sobbed and cowered.

“Filthy slut,” she hissed, and grabbing Ruth’s dress at the collar, jerked down with all her strength.

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Bozo went to Pete’s end of the rail while Hardy went to help Cloyd. She’s a-standing there a-straddle of it like she don’t even know what they’re fixing to do. Hoyt saw the rail rise swiftly, scraping and tearing the insides of her thighs, bumping her crotch with a thud, and thrusting her high into the air screaming and writhing.

“Okay, men, I’ll count to three, and then we upsy-daisy on ‘four’, ” Bozo said. I wouldn’t of missed this for anything in the whole wide world. Hot diggety dog, look at her a-wiggling, Hoyt thought. Ooooo-eeeee, she’s gonna clean that rail of splinters and have it slicker’n a barber pole.

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It’s almost more’n I can do to watch her up there and not have no part, of it.

It’s like I felt when Phyllis Howe was up there a-squirming on that rail, when they lifted her way high up so everybody could see and grabbed me a leg in each hand and swung my feet up off the ground and just hung there a-dangling by her legs while they carried her along.

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Our Heroine has reached that piquant stage of her hazardous misadventures where, due to costume failure, her bikini vacation has become monokini peril: Her bondage situation at the hands (tendrils?

“Quit shoving, you sonofbitches,” Hoyt shouted to those behind him. You gonna get your chance to see plenty before long.” “Move back, everybody! When the crowd parted Pete and Hardy came through carrying the rail. Hardy took a length of rope from his pocket and tied Ruth’s wrists together at the small of her back, so that she would not be able to reach down and support part of her weight with her hands. “Stand straddle-leg over it.’ Baby, you don’t know how lucky you are to be getting a free ride like this.” It sure is the splinteriest-looking rail I ever seen, Hoyt thought. She’s liable to get a splinter.” Bozo released his hold and picked up a piece of the cord Hardy had dropped on the ground after tying her hands. That rope’ll keep her from squirming or bouncing off and hurting her pretty self.” It sure is palpitating, Hoyt thought.

If’n they didn’t have them burlap bags wrapped around the ends they wouldn’t be able to pick it up at all. While Cloyd and Bozo held her in position Hardy and Pete raised the rail to midway between her knees. He tied this around one of her legs just above the knee, ran it under the rail and tied it in the same position on the other leg. I’ll say one thing, this rail they got tonight’s splinterier than the one we rode Phyllis Howe on. Pete and Hardy were still holding the rail at a point between her knees. She was standing there just as Bozo and Cloyd had left her, sobbing and choking.

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