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With open bands the Veterinarian can easily remove the band or the owner can remove it very carefully.It is very important to me as a breeder to know exactly what my birds family background and bloodline is, because of this I band all of my babies.

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After placement, the ends are then pinched together with a special tool until they meet.

Open bands can be used on older birds whose feet are too large for banding with a closed band. I really like the fact that I can decide when the best time is to band the bird.

The ability to identify a bird also acts as a deterrent to smugglers and the illegal bird trade.

Thus it has a positive impact on saving birds in their natural environments.

The band is placed on a baby bird, about 9 to 14 days old, by sliding the band over the foot to the leg portion.

As the bird grows, the feet become too large for the band to fall off.

For this reason i recommend that you check your bands monthly to make sure their is no gap in between the band.

For larger birds I would recommend using only closed bands.

There are a number of reasons why identification of a bird is important.

These include proof of ownership, governmental requirements in some states, identification of lost or stolen birds, and tracking of birds for breeding purposes (very important).

CLOSED BANDS Closed bands are found on birds which have been banded as babies.

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