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Sometimes you may have an IT Policy still applied to your Black Berry smartphone even if you’ve been removed from the Black Berry Enterprise Server.

Today I’ll be providing a brief overview of what an IT Policy is, how to view your IT Policy if one is applied to your Black Berry smartphone, and how to remove it if desired.

I have been travelling for a month through many time zones, this was the first time I've tried to sync since returning home.

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If you need additional info on doing that, let me know. Our IT dept replaced my 8700c due to bad wireless radio, so I just got the new 8700c and noticed that calander entries I creat on my desktop outook 2007 are not syncing to the blackberry and well as entries made on bb calender are not syncing to desktop outlook.

However, if some one else sends me a meeting invite, I can accept on either desktop outlook or bb and the appt will show up in both bb and desktop outlook.

We have a BES server with version 4.1.6 and running in conjunction with Exchange 2003.

Starting yesterday, for no good reason, users started complaining that when they enter a calendar item on their BB it doesn't sync with their Outlook. I have scoured the interwebs and read pages and pages of threads, posts and forums. Just to let everyone know, i have checked over and over again the settings of the BESAdmin user. We even made changes based on the video tutorials, but we are still in the same spot.

Our service account was a member of the domain admins group.

You may think that will ensure the account has adequate permissions in Exchange, but you'd be wrong.

If you do not have a password set currently, check out the user guide for your Black Berry smartphone where you can find information on how to set up and customize your password.) To see if you have an IT Policy applied to your device, complete the following steps depending on which version of Black Berry® Device Software you are currently using.

(If you don’t know what version you are using, check out our post on how to identify Black Berry Device Software versions.) Black Berry® 6 and Black Berry® 7 OS To learn more about what settings have been specified by an IT policy, you can use a feature available in Black Berry 6 and Black Berry 7 to view this information. Black Berry Device Software 5.0 If you’ve identified that an IT policy has been applied to your Black Berry smartphone, contact your Black Berry Enterprise Server administrator to learn more about the settings contained within the IT policy.

All this worked fine when BES was installed on our Exchange server.

Had to move BES to another box (XP) and now, no calendar!

Talked to BB support and went through KB to insure proper rights on BESAdmin account, still nothing. Thanks I know this thread is over a year old, but if you google "blackberry not synching with Outlook calendar" you might end up here.

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