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In the Boy’s brackets, Game 1 will be held today at PM with Navajo facing Corn Bible Academy. Game 3 will be Hollis vs Erick at 3 PM, and Game 4 will be Hobart vs Olustee-Eldorado at PM. Police recovered a handgun along with a Play Station and an Xbox belonging to the victim.Saturday’s Championship game will be between the winners of Game 7 and Game 8 at PM, with the loser taking 2nd place. The suspect was described as a black male with dread lock hair, wearing a blue shirt and was last seen running south from the victims home.

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Lady Bulldog Classis starts today The 27th annual Lady Bulldog Classic will be held today through Dec. FOUR DRUG RELATED ARRESTS MADE BY ALTUS POLICE During the apprehension of this suspect, three other individuals were taken into custody.

A search warrant was executed on the two separate rooms where the suspects were staying at the motel.

Chief Davis stated, “I want to thank the Citizens of Altus, City Council and the City Staff for allowing me the time to attend this unique course in leadership.

I have learned a lot about myself and different techniques in leadership, which I will be able to help the City of Altus through mentorship and passing on my new knowledge of leadership to the fire department staff and other staff members of the City of Altus.” The City of Altus congratulates Fire Chief Davis in this special achievement.

During that search, investigators discovered narcotics, including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, weapons, cash and a police scanner.

Those three individuals were Eric Cantu, 26, Bryan Torres, 28, and a female Kristen Wright, 23.“We often hear of the kindness and humanity from the great people of South West Oklahoma during the holiday season,” said Altus Chief of Police Tim Murphy, “but this wonderful woman has truly taken generosity to the next level.” A substantial donation was made on her behalf to ensure that children and their families would receive the kind of Christmas that many of us enjoy and are blessed with every year.Mothers and fathers who perhaps would not be able to afford to purchase clothes or toys for their children or even a Christmas dinner will now be possible because of the kindness of one woman With her donation 35 children and / or families received gifts, hams and turkeys from a list of over 100 people that was provided to the Altus Police Department from the local office of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, local churches, local educators, local home health affiliates and local law enforcement. 16 CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE PHOTOS: Cookies With Santa Pictures ____________________________________________ MONDAY CANDY CANE CASH WINNER The Monday Main Street Altus’ Candy Cane Cash “Sweet”stakes number is: 2152362 a red Ticket is from Rejuvenate Med Spa Winner must call the Main Street Altus o Voters Should Apply Early for Absentee Ballots Voters in Jackson County who want to have absentee ballots mailed to them for the Jan.It is not necessary to give a reason for voting absentee.“While anyone can vote absentee without giving a reason, the law still provides several advantages to absentee voters in some categories,” Wilson said. Listen to the games live on KWHW 1450 AM and 93.5 FM.The Oklahoma Executive Fire Officer Leadership Program is a partnership between Oklahoma State University – Fire Service Training, Oklahoma State University Fire and Emergency Management Administration, Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association, Oklahoma State Firefighters Association, and the Council on Firefighter Training.

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