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After select the ranges, then continue to click Next button, on step3 of wizard, set the following settings: 4.

And then click Finish button, and you will be asked if you want to save this scenario.

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ADLS supports Active Directory while Blob storage supports SAS keys.

ADLS also supports Web HDFS while Blob storage does not (it supports WASB which is a thin layer over Blob storage that exposes it as a HDFS file system).

If you want to know more about this feature, please click Consolidate and calculate values across multiple workbooks into one worksheet.

There are a tremendous amount of Microsoft products that are cloud-based for building big data solutions.

At the same time, it creates links for the consolidated data, which updates automatically when the source data changes.

If you are not familiar with the Consolidate function in Excel, here I will recommend you an easy and multi-functional tool-Kutools for Excel.

In addition, ADLA is always available so there is no startup time to create the cluster like with HDI.

HDI has an advantage in that it has more products available with it (i.e. install additional software) where in ADLS you cannot.

The main advantage with ADLA over HDI is there is nothing you have to manage (i.e.

performance tuning), there is only one language to learn (U-SQL) with easier development and debugging tools, you only incur costs when running the jobs where HDI clusters are always running and incurring costs regardless if you are processing data or not, and you can scale individual queries independently of each other instead of having queries fight for resources in the same HDIinsight cluster (so predictable vs unpredictable performance).

Here, I will introduce you some quick tricks to solve it.

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