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Here are relationship tips on how to impress your boyfriend and keep him happy.

Him being a paid member at that moment, we were able to share our contact details. Read more Dear Sir, I want to share with you something with and My all friend. Rohit Tak unhone mujhse chat kiya aur phir call kiya phire...

Read more Being divorced and mother of 6 yrs old child for last 6 years, I had lost hope of ever getting married.

At first I had my doubt about online dating and relationships. Read more I took the plan on Shaadi for 3 months and found my soulmate. Read more She had sent me an interest here and i liked her profile so accepted her interest.

She accepted my request and we meet for the first time in her home town. So she got my mobile number through here and she contacted me the next day. Read more Well it was a like a fairytale coming true types.

Remember that your beau has a life apart from you and he would love it if you will take interest in his life. No one appreciates a person who lacks confident and feels insecure all the time. He will be pleased to know that you think he is worth you. So, impress your sweetheart and keep showering love on him. Name: Gelila City: Addis Ababa Comments: This tips helps me a lot ,thanks for everything,i love my Nahom more than anything in this world,he makes me smile when I´m sad,ohhhh no word could describe my love i have for him and i hope this relationship continues Name: munesh City: vadodara Comments: My bf is 2 gud when I behave badly with him , I feel guilty Nd low bt these tips help me a lot , now due to these tips I´m more close 2 him then before , I luv u a lot yash Name: jhagathesswary City: malaysia Comments: this is really so useful...thank you so much..

Hang out with his friends and try to get along with them. A confident person has bold approach towards his ambitions and aspirations. Never doubt his instincts unless you have firm proof. Someone has said that if you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they would never ask you to. Does your partner notice it when you wear a new dress? i really love my Darvin ( Tharmendran ) so much..its been about a year never meet him,,he is staying quite far from me..sometimes i call him and parents didn´t agree for my love...because we both are still young..i really miss him a lot..

Remember, your boyfriend wants his friends to like you and not love you. You may harm your relation with your boyfriend if you will encourage him. 'Confidence’ is the quality you should posses as to make your boyfriend feel proud of you. Just believe in yourself from within, take care of yourself, stay in shape, eat healthy and be positive. Trusting each other is the way towards blissful relationship. my heart is full of him...dying to meet him soon.i hope this methods can help me to impress him...

Treat his female friends creatively without any preconceptions. Do not you feel a kind of nostalgia when you are away from your beau and someone wearing same perfume your boyfriend wears passes by? Express yourself Do not expect your boyfriend to guess how you are feeling or what you are thinking. Name: janusanthosh City: Thiruvallur Comments: Actually I love my santhosh very he is very handsome but not beautiful he looks good rather than Me I like his verymuch at first he is loves me a lot he cut his hands if don´t talk wid him rather than him i love him a lot he is my life he is my everything but now he is not understanding my love towards him I need him till i die.

Not being clear about something can lead to misunderstandings and most of the break-ups take place due to petty misunderstandings. I cant live without him i love him sooo much rather than my parents plss understand me santhosh I will die if he is not there for me Im maddly in love with u santhosh plss marry me i want to marry u and make ur life beautiful I luv santhosh Waiting for u ur.

Do not expect from your boyfriend more time for your relationship.

When you get into a relationship, you try a lot to impress your partner.

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