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Some services, like Spokeo and Instant Checkmate, can also pull information from social media profiles and include it on reports.

These reports, however, are compilations of public record and not for business use.

Some companies allow you to perform an unlimited number of searches during the time frame, while others limit the number of searches you can perform.

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You can begin searches with a Social Security number, email address, street address or phone number.

It has one of the most affordable basic search prices. People search services pull their data from a variety of sources, such as public documents and court records.

We tried out each service by running searches on some of our reviewer’s acquaintances, with their permission of course.

We evaluated the accuracy of these results to compare the companies.

In order for you to reconnect with a lost family member or romantic connection, the information you use to initiate a search also must be accurate or you might get the wrong person, if you get results at all.

Along those lines, the more details you provide, the easier it is for you to locate someone. Because people search engines pull data from public records, the reports you get may not be entirely current.

Because public records can often be outdated, we didn't reduce accuracy scores for out-of-date information.

Of course, it's important that the information in each report is clear and easy to read.

The companies we tested had no input on the way we tested, and we did not provide them any results of the testing before publication.

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