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Sure enough, I was in the lower deck of a large luxury yacht.

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Those are the things happening in tandem.” He advised drivers to avoid the area, saying repairs would likely continue late into the evening.

The cause of the break was is under investigation, Gamble said. “The pipe we’re talking about is a 12-inch cast-iron pipe that was originally built in the 1930s.” Gamble said that replacement of aging infrastructure like the busted water main is a major priority for the Public Utilities Commission.

The department’s goal is to replace 15 miles of out-of-date infrastructure annually, and separately undertaking a major project to upgrade the city’s sewers.

I awoke to find myself in a position that, as much as I would like to say was unfamiliar to me, was starting to become very familiar to me. There was something in my mouth too, preventing me from speaking. There wasn't much else I could really discern about my situation.

My legs were tied together, and then tied to...something, I wasn't exactly sure what. As for what I was lying on, it was comfortable, likely some sort of bed. Especially after she had learned about my...shall we say, "dark side". I tested the rope around my ankles again, and found that it was securely tied.

I tried to think for a moment...asked myself what had happened last night... I pulled at the handcuffs, but they were definitely not going to give. Also, light objectification, as well as humiliation.

Just before 9 a.m., workers were finally able to shut off the water flowing from the busted underground pipe.

Businesses and residences along Harrison Street, between First and Third streets, remained without water service as of Tuesday afternoon, said Tyler Gamble, a spokesman for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

I yelped, knowing full well I would not be able to swim in handcuffs, or with my ankles tied, but she caught my handcuff chain at the last second. "You don't have to answer me with words..." she whispered close in my ear with a twisted smile.

My bound feet were planted on the very edge of the boat, and I was leaning above the water, nothing keeping me from falling in except for her steady grasp on the handcuffs. " I hesitated for only a moment before thinking better of my defiance. "I have a lot of...activities...planned for you," she pulled me back up onto the deck. "This is answer enough..." she lightly stroked the front of my pants, knowing that I had become hard at the idea of the fun she was suggesting. I have very specific plans for you." With that, she set me down on my knees, and used a short chain to fasten my handcuffs to a metal loop on the deck.

“One, we are trying to return water service to customers in the area ASAP,” he said.

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