Internet adult sex chat operator jobs in the uk

It threatened that any other app that fails to comply with those regulations will also be banned.

““Appropriate action will be taken against applications or services that do not comply with the regulations,” a spokesman at the commission told Arab News.

Internet adult sex chat operator jobs in the uk-69

you are not pestered to work but need self drive(mine is money lol) its not as seeded as people think...

never once had a problem with pay but if you earn under 10 pound you wont get paid until you hit it that will follow to the next weeks pay!

Whilst their texts are not a huge amount, I make a nice little bit of wages (£280 last month for text chat alone - not bad for sitting in front the tv with a laptop on my lap, eh?

) and as for the original complaint above saying they had no idea the rates of pay etc. When you get a job with Excel, you always know how much you get paid because it's in their information booklet.

OF COURSE THE ORIGINAL COMPLAINT ABOVE CAN JUST BE ANOTHER COMPANY TRYING TO SLANDER EXCEL TELEMDIA. I am working for Excel doing gay chat and they've been great, they are totally legitimate, nice people to deal with and I can chat to blokes when I feel like it.

You can have the calls to your home phone or another number if you're at friends place for the night.

Another text company who only offered 3p a text said that if the text chat op does not type 2000 texts a month, they do not get paid for theat month which si ridiculou.

At Excel, you do how little you want t or how much you ant to.

they allso advertise webcam workers now i would hate to do that and not get paid and also they have a 68 page introduction pack of do's and donts. and when they write to you on the back of the contract it says to get insured for car and house incase of damage to car or furniture. The text is very slow, the phones and cams are the best option.

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