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Anyhow, I’m not going to say who’s out there looking for me, but there are people literally hunting me. T: I think it must’ve come from a lot of different places. Either they become asexual, completely cutting off their sexuality, or they go the opposite direction, becoming hypersexual, which is what happened to me, especially during my high school years.

It’s not like one day something happens and then the next you decide to become a porn star. Other people find some sort of inner peace with the matter.

I didn’t tell you to go to this guy’s house.” My agent showed no mercy in that moment.

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So then I was homeless, living with friends, going from couch to couch. I was dropping acid, taking literally any pill I could get my hands on, crunching, snorting, having sex with people I would’ve never had sex with. It was a school for gifted girls with behavior problems. I’m going to be a go-go dancer.” Then I saw an ad for porn: “Do you want to make $20,000 a month? ” Of course I’m hanging out with black guys, of course, of course… He didn’t rape me or anything, but I was looking at him the whole time, thinking, Oh my god this is a celebrity. If he’s involved, then they must have a lot of power. But the guy holding me hostage pulled out guns—he had so many guns—and all of his friends were hiding in the trees. ” I don’t know how many different kinds of drugs I had in my system—crank, meth, whatever they were making me snort. I had no concept of where I was or what was going on.

Eventually my parents sent me away to boarding school. I was stuck with twenty-five psycho girls in the middle-of-nowhere, Montana. They trained you as if you were going to live in the middle of nowhere for the rest of your life, as if the only people you were ever going to be around would be soldiers hand-selected from their therapy game. When I finally got out and went to college—and when I say college, I mean a 12,000-student university—I felt like an alien. and they say, “Your name should be Tori.” And I’m like, “Tori? ” And they’re like, “Because Tori’s a hot white girl name.”T: So I’m laughing and drinking, and I asked, “What’s my last name going to be? When I talked to new girls entering the business I told them not to listen to their agents because the whole thing is just ridiculous. One of the other girls and I went to a party, and I was introduced to this coke dealer, an older black guy. At some point I think I said, “Okay, I’m ready to go back now, it’s eight o’clock in the morning and I’m tired.” And the guy said, “No, you’re going to stay here for a while longer.” At first I started laughing. It was late at night and you couldn’t see where they were hiding, but they were all pointing guns at my ex’s car. I don’t know why you’re here, everything’s fine.” I’ve got bruises all over my face, my lips are bleeding, and of course my ex is looking at me like, “I know you’re not okay.”T: They did after they left. All I knew was that if I told the police and it didn’t work out, I was probably going to get killed.

T: Well, I think I must’ve been about twelve years old when I started experimenting with drugs.

I was never addicted to any one drug or another, but I was addicted to getting high, to getting outside my body, outside my mind. I’m done with this.” My grandparents happen to be filthy rich, and so I got shipped off to boot camp.

T: Lots of well-known people out there have propositioned me. I wanted the sound guy, I wanted the lighting guy, I wanted the camera man, I wanted all my fans, even my agent, I even wanted my agent to wish he could goddamn experience me.

I need to say that Kevin Durant has never approached me; the only reason I mention his name is because he put me out there in a song. It was like: I want to be perfect in your eyes, to capture you, to control you, to make you do things you would never otherwise do. I wanted that power, not to make them have sex with me, but I wanted everyone in the room to be in love with me, to become completely engulfed in this perfect creature I’d created called Tori Black. T: Well, I think there are three ways that people go.

If you search Amazon, they provide this spectacularly unhelpful guidance: “You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account and adjusting your settings.” We say ‘unhelpful’ because, perhaps not surprisingly, the way that you cancel the Kindle Unlimited service is buried several layers deep on Amazon.

So here are step-by-step directions for cancelling your Kindle Unlimited service.

After boot camp, they recommended I go straight to boarding school, but my mom decided that I should be homeschooled instead, that way I could come home, but I wouldn’t have any contact with my old friends.

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