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This has actually happened to a few men and women friends, and all of them reacted similarly. While it’s wonderful to feel excited about someone you met, to suggest a virtually impossible emotional connection is a red flag to all but the desperate.

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Ken's website, includes articles, interviews, and videos about men and relationships.

Ken recently joined Stitch as an advisor and brand ambassador.

I'll share how we met so other boomers might benefit and meet theirs.

I understand firsthand how difficult and frustrating dating frequently is for seniors and I promise to address the stumbling blocks with clarity, and realistic solutions.

It’s a memorable moment that couples remember for years.

While most people enjoy a pleasant surprise, no one enjoys feeling ambushed.

Ken's clients are all over the United States and he meets with them weekly via Skype. While he's not a therapist, Ken feels that most men's issues are related to traditional male role models and behavior, and that men respond positively to his experiential advise.

Issues such as anger, divorce, dating, relationships, lack of friends, fatherhood, and many others men face are all topics Ken feels confident helping his clients face.

For twenty-five years, author and speaker Ken Solin has worked with men to move them beyond the issues that affect their relationships and limit their lives.

His insights into trust and intimacy, sex and sexuality, fatherhood and friendship, and marriage and divorce have earned him a loyal following of both men and women.

Making a show of paying the check for coffee, and adding, “All future lunches and dinners are on me,” isn’t endearing, it’s showing off, and worse, it looks like you’re trying to buy a relationship.

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