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They believe the Africanized bees were awakened by the vibrations of the lawn mower."They were aggressive and very terriotorial," said Kyle Harrison, a technician who destroyed the hive.Brevard County, Florida: Richard Martyniak reports: Billy The Exterminator thinks he's seen a Giant Yellowjacket nest?? We can handle any infestation you may have, professionally and properly.

Yellowjackets are a specialty of Jonathan's and he loves to help folks out with treatments of these beneficial but very ornery stinging insects. Call one of our experts at 1-855-930-BEES (2337) for expert yellowjacket tretment and removal.

Orlando, FL: We respond to a plea from the owner of Randall Made Knives near Orange Blossom Trail & Holden Ave.

Orlando Sentinel's Daphne Sashin's writes "Outfitted in white jumpsuits, rubber gloves and veils, Martyniak and Shurman stood 20 feet above the ground in a manlift, face to face with the first nest. Before he started cutting, Martyniak sprayed plumes of smoke into the blobs of comb to keep the bees from sending alarm signals to each other" Read the rest of her article here.

WESH 2 news covered our efforts to save these very large colonies as well. The bees will be relocated to apiaries at Winter Park Honey.

Aurelio went door-to-door Friday morning, looking for work mowing yards.

I think I kind of disturbed them and the next thing I knew, they were all over me, Aurelio said.

"I had to come back on Wednesday with more resources," he said.

"It took us nearly 12 hours to get all of it down."Doing that may have worked, but Mc Nees explained that this could have attracted maggots.

Bee Safe, if you need Cape Coral Bee Removal, call the experts at ALLFlorida Bee and Pro Tech PC Specialists ! Augustine, Florida: ALLFlorida Bee removes an extremely large bee infestation at the Cascades at World Golf Village.

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