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The latter are popular in clinical settings where they support highly mobile medical staff through rule-based algorithms in the decision regarding more complex patient cases.

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New mobile technology, such as hand-held based devices, is playing a large role in redefining how people receive information.

The recent advances in mobile technology are changing the primary purpose of mobile devices from making or receiving calls to retrieving the latest information on any subject.

The aggregation of interests and experiences serves not only as a means to raise awareness but also to help find competent experts on demand, for example with context-sensitive expert location systems.

Cross-contextual learning that bridges the gap between work settings and formal education formats has perhaps the biggest potential for work-based mobile learning,) The so-created materials are later used in more formal educational formats, for example in the classroom or in the discussion with tutors.

There are also board games parents can purchase and many different activities that will help children build additional skills. You know your child better than anyone and will be able to more easily tell which activities will be most helpful to him.

M-learning technologies include handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.Podcasts may be delivered using syndication, although this method of delivery is not always easily adopted (Lee, Miller & Newnham 2009).M-learning in the context of work can embrace a variety of different forms of learning.Podcasts may also provide supplemental information to enhance traditional lectures (Mc Garr 2009) (Steven & Teasley 2009).Psychological research suggests that university students who download podcast lectures achieve substantially higher exam results than those who attend the lecture in person (only in cases in which students take notes) (Callaway & Ewen 2009).A typical, corporate application is the delivery of mobile compliance training, which can be seen as a viable means to reach geographically mobile employees, such as consultants occurs in informal education settings at the workplace.

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