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We still have to finish what we started with Victor.What he's done will not go unpunished, I promise." Yami vowed as he turned to leave."Wait, Yami." Yugi said, making Yami turn around to see him gentle left Hotaru from the bed."She's been alone, long enough." Yugi said."Your right.Yugi threw the board aside and imeditly started to pull off the next one."Yugi, what are you doing? Yugi stayed silent as he quickly tore another board off and reached to pull at the next one. Giving Yugi splinters in both of his hands, but he continued to pull off the boards one by one.

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Three of my icelandic friends received modeling contracts while I was there. I'm not sure if it's the weather, diet, or marriage; but Icelandic women do not age gracefully. Let us begin with the ethnicities and my assessment of whether or not they'll age gracefully.

Most Icelandic women in their 40s-50s were rather pudgy and just looked like they quit taking care of themselves. Having lived in California, there's not much we don't have (or that I haven't dated: Chinese, Polish, Mexican, Dog, Ape, Chimp, Cockroach....).

Yami's eyes grew wide at seeing Hotaru's name on the door.

Yugi reached for the rusted door handel with a shakey and red hand.

Out of all the preposterous posts I have ever written, this one has the potential to offend the most people.... (FYI: I've been watching a lot of The Family Guy, plus I haven't posted in awhile - give me a break! Well, not only are we curious, we are eager at debating the merits of beauty in Iceland and many others places we can't pronounce.

) Month after month, the most read post in my blog portfolio is found through the search terms, "Icelandic women," "women of Iceland," and "easiest women in the world." Whoever thought my core readership is full of chauvinistic, perverted, testosterone-fueled men is WAY off base. (Next thing you know, they'll ask us to spell "Rizzuto" in cursive!There in the cold, dust covered blankets and sheets was the lifeless body of Hotaru.Her face look as if she had been through an immense amount of pain. Yugi stood there staring at Hotaru with his eyes full of tears. She cried and begged for Victor to come but he left her here to die! And her spirit was trapped in this room, because of that! Yami quitely walked up to Yugi, embracing him from behind.They walked into the room and Yugi reconized it as the same room in his dream. Yami tried to turn on the lights and surprizingly they worked.The both of them gasped at the site of what they found.All Yami did know was that he trusted Yugi, and that there must have been something important behined that door if he was trying so hard.

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