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Being in a new city where I could count my friends on one hand, I was more than ready to swipe. You can never have enough estrogen around when it comes to Bachelor Mondays, shaking uncontrollably through Pure Hell Barre, and hungover Sunday coffee dates. All outdoor events should end with a craft beer and a slight buzz. Dating for friendship is infinitely more fun because you can look like an idiot and be weird because neither of you are trying to sleep with each other at the end of the day.My first Bumble BFF match was an east coaster with a business degree. I was almost in tears with my 2lb weights 10 minutes into class.We recently took the relationship to the next level.

Be honest with matches If you are a busy person it is better to tell your matches that you will only be available for chatting online or responding to messages out of work hours and stick to it.

The first thing you give to a match is time – you need to set clear boundaries right from the beginning and be realistic about how much spare time you actually have.

Anyone who claims to like champagne and group fitness classes in the same sentence is good in my book. I can’t even describe the pain I was in when the Barbie-like instructor had us “pulse and tuck” repetitively with a ball between our legs, whatever that even means.

I knew when I saw the picture of her with a golden retriever holding a natty light, it was meant to be. I was near death, she was shaking, we both needed a mimosa.

This will help you to need less REM (dreaming and information processing) sleep and have deeper sleep which helps you feel fully refreshed the next day.

Going on 13 first dates in five weeks was an absolute nightmare.

And after a 14th date from hell, I decided a hiatus would be my best bet.

I traded in my tight jeans and heeled booties for sweatpants and slippers.

Have some down time before bed As tempting as it can be to stay chatting with your beloved online into the wee small hours research is beginning to find a correlation between the use of smartphones/laptops, and insomnia.

It is suggested to have at least 60 minutes technology-free time before you go to sleep.

Giving your imagination too much rein to build up a mental image of someone can mean that when you do meet them your initial feeling is one of disappointment because, just like when you read a book and then see the film, the picture you have built up in your imagination is likely to bear little resemblance to reality.

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