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We had to create all kinds of strange assemblies of pipes to create this venting–it worked, but was time consuming to construct and took a lot of additional pipe. Along came the “auto-vent” or “air-vent” (sometimes called a “cheater” vent).

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Every plumbing fixture needs a means of venting the drain line so that water doesn’t get sucked out of the trap of the fixture—-which could allow sewer gases to enter the home.

Somehow sewer gases and the smell of fresh baked bread or homemade pizza just don’t go together.

This is about your houses plumbing—not your personal plumbing.

When I first started doing plumbing in 1971–at least for money–venting island kitchen sinks was a bit of a problem.

While a really simple device, they must be installed within 10 degrees of vertical, they must be installed on the welded-pipe side of the trap, they have to remain accessible and they cannot be the only means of venting the plumbing system.

These Air Admittance valves come packaged with a rubber band that needs to be removed at the time of installation–I sometimes find them with the rubber band still in place–rendering them non-functional of course.Thanks, Charlie My blog is intended to provide information related to home inspections in Seattle, surrounding communities and anyone else interested.Sometimes I will provide information that has nothing to do with home inspections. All due care is taken to provide true and accurate information in my blog.However always call and check with a professional before acting on anything you read in this Blog as changes are always happening with Codes, Standards and Regulations and requirements can vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.This information is for general knowledge and even entertainment and should not necessarily be relied on.Jeff Heiss Hi Charles, Thank you so much for this great and very professional inspection.

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